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Transform your visitors into customers

We'll package your business into a thoughtfully crafted website with a unique responsive design that ensures a steady stream of online customers.

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1. Getting Started
  • Discuss the project
  • Fill out the brief
  • Settle on the price
~1 day
2. Prototyping
Researching and planning
  • Company Analysis
  • Target Audience Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Copywriting
  • Prototyping
~5-7 days
3. Design
Working on the Aesthetics
  • Design Requirements Analysis
  • Design Concept Creation
  • Layout Development
  • Usability Check
  • Adjustments and Approval
~3-5 days
4. Development
Bringing the Design to Life
  • Layout Coding
  • Basic SEO
  • Backend Integration
  • Functional Testing
  • Optimization for Different Devices and Browsers
  • Error Fixing
~10 days
5. Deployment
Optimizing and Launching
  • Hosting Selection and Setup
  • Website Transfer to Server
  • Domain Setup
  • Live Server Testing
  • Custom domain Email setup
  • Website Launch
~3 days

Let's work together!

Make it real in 2-3 weeks
We'll design an appealing website that encourages users to make a purchase

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How an Effective Landing Page Can Grow Your Business

A landing page is a single-page website designed to prompt a specific action. It typically provides a brief overview of a product or service to the customer. Our Landing Pages not only achieve specific business objectives but also enhance the user experience by creating excitement and engagement. Design, animation, layout, and other elements play a crucial role in this process. Furthermore, each landing page is optimized for conversion, guiding visitors towards your desired outcome with clear calls-to-action.


Present the product in an appealing and straightforward way.


Beat the competition


Ensure a consistent flow of inquiries

3 Steps to Your Digital Transformation

Image of visual representation of prototype
Analyzing competitors' websites, building superior solutions, and boosting conversions.
Image of visual representation of design
Crafting cutting-edge designs that remain relevant for years to come.
Image of visual representation of technologies
Creating adaptive layouts with stunning animations that look good on any device.

Why is Our Approach More Effective for You 🤔

All-in-one solution. Stop looking for other professionals to complete the job. We offer a ready-made business tool without any additional costs or complications.

Clear and engaging. Make your website shareable with colleagues and increase the value of your services.

Always available. We help our clients resolve any issues that may arise after the job is completed. We keep our clients fully informed throughout the process.

Legal and compliant. All fonts and images used in development are either licensed or free of charge. We understand the importance of avoiding legal issues and fines.

Staged payment. Payment can be split into two installments. The first installment of 50% is due before the beginning of cooperation, and the remaining 50% is due after the final works and revisions.

We love what we do. We constantly evolve, identifying the best ideas and bringing them to life in our clients' projects with confidence and expertise.


Prototyping: The Backbone of Your Project

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your business, understand the mindset of potential clients, and proactively address any potential objections to ensure a smooth customer journey to purchasing your product or service.
Hold attention
Build trust
Encourage action
Image of handwritten prototypes
Selling proposition
A unique selling proposition shows the benefits of working with a company.
Showcase the product or service, emphasizing its key benefits.
Closing objections
Show your credibility and create a sense of immediacy by detailing why choosing you is the best decision right now.
Triggers of trust
Motivate user to take action by clicking on a link, ordering a service, making a purchase, or signing up for a newsletter.
Call to action
Take the visitor to the logical conclusion of the transaction and convert them into a customer.
Getting contacts
Gather user contact details to continue the conversation and secure the client relationship.
and copywriting
The prototype provides a visual blueprint of the future landing page's sales structure, allowing you to experience the pre-designed solutions and suggest refinements. The design phase commences only after receiving your final approval on the prototype.
5-20 semantic blocks
Clear and readable texts

Generate Leads with a Distinctive Style

Once a few key sections of the landing page are designed, we get approval of the provided concept. Following this, we complete the rest of the page, seeking your final nod before completion. This approach ensures a design that aligns with your business goals and aesthetic tastes.


Design decisions are tailored to your project's requirements, drawing inspiration from relevant references and carefully selecting colors and fonts to match.


We transform the design idea into a practical and interactive interface that matches the established user experience and visual aesthetics.

Image of web-design elements

Responsive Layout and Launch

We craft the layout based on the provided design, ensuring it is pixel-perfect. Then, we make the site accessible to all internet users.

of website users access online services from mobile devices and make purchasing decisions
Image of website with different screen sizes

Maximum Reach

We adapt pages for mobile devices to attract all categories of visitors.

Nuxt 3, Vue 3 and Tailwind

We harness the power of Nuxt 3 and Vue 3 - modern tools for creating high-performance websites, with Tailwind for styling.

Optimization and Speed

Thanks to optimization and caching, pages load quickly and look perfect on any screen.


We thoroughly test the developed site on various devices - from popular iPhone SE to huge 4K monitors.
Our projects

Children's Programming School KidCode

Programming school for children from the leaders of IT education in St. Petersburg

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Financial flow manager app «Fintastica»

Basic tool for managing financial flows. Fintastica makes managing income and expenses straightforward and stress-free.

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Our projects

Attorney Maxim Lunev

The website of the lawyer Maxim Lunev in Moscow, which provides legal assistance in criminal cases.

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Personalized Landing Page Solutions

We do not restrict the number of semantic blocks in tariffs. Instead, we include as many as necessary to address a specific business need.
  • Will my website be SEO-optimized?
  • How long does it take to develop a Landing Page?
  • Can I provide my own website design?
  • Do you provide site support?
  • What information is required to start development?

Maximum tariff
term: 14-20 days

500$ — 700$
  • Marketing research
  • Prototyping
  • Individual design
  • Adaptive layout
  • Animation
  • Communication forms
  • Instructions for working with your new site

Lite tariff
term: 7-14 days

300$ — 500$
  • Marketing research
  • Prototyping
  • Individual design
  • Adaptive layout
  • Animation
  • Communication forms
  • Instructions for working with your new site

Every Plan Includes:

Custom Email Domain

Enhance credibility and professionalism with an email address linked to your domain.


Integrated analytics services provide insights into visit statistics and user behavior.

Domain and Hosting

Receive a domain name at no cost for one year and one month of hosting on us.

Feedback Form Setup

A convenient feedback form on the website enables customers to easily get in touch.

Let's Build Together

Please provide your contact information, and we will contact you to discuss the project.

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